Frequently Asked Questions

Air Selangor Mobile Apps is a digital service to manage your water bill account, fast accessibility for water disruption info and other information related to Air Selangor services. 
The new Air Selangor Mobile Apps is a revamp of mySYABAS Apps with new trending User Experience, User Interfaces and enhanced information.
- Water Info (Unscheduled & Scheduled Water Disruption)<br> - News (Press Releases, Feeds from Facebook and Tips from Facebook)<br> - My Account (Customer may Register, Enroll and View their water accounts. Payment Via Mobile: Future Enhancement)<br> - Info Centre (Customer will be assisted by our AIRRA)<br> - Settings (Region, Notification, Link Accounts, Change Password and Change Picture)
Customers may download from Apple Store and Google Play Store and search for Air Selangor Mobile Apps. Kindly follow the instructions provided by the selected Stores.
Definitely, for a better more enhanced User Experience and additional features and information. <br> - For iOS please ensure your device has Version 9 and above.<br> - For Android please ensure your device has Version 5 and above.
Customer will be prompted to email section and a new validation code will be provided. Do follow the prompt indicator flow.
Please follow the prompt indicator flow shown in the mobile apps.
Your Account ID consists of the 13 digits (old account) and 10 digits (new account) can be found on the top of your water bill. Please enter your 10 digits (new account) to enroll bill account.
You may submit your feedback on the Info tab and click Feedback or call our Customer Support for assistance.
You will need to enroll your water bill account as an owner, or, get the rights to view all information from the owner. To do this, you need the Identity No (IC) registered and Account ID to enroll the bill account
Definitely. You may click at Water Information screen and then type your area by Taman/Jalan on the searching icon. Air Selangor App will prompt you the water disruption details.
Please click the forgot password and follow the indicator flow.
We will roll out these features soon.